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Follow the chef!

It’s a given that chefs know great food – whether it comes expertly plated on bone china or hastily scooped into a takeout carton. When your job involves dishing out a steady stream of amazing meals, you are less likely to be blinded by hype or high price tags. Take your cues from these celebrity...


It’s raining ramen

From the rise of vegan food and casual dining to lesser-known regional cuisine, an inevitable wave of fresh culinary trends roll out every few months. That’s the reason we have cast our net wide to look at the food, flavours and dining concepts that are trending by NIVEDITA JAYARAM PAWAR   From Taipei to Thailand...


Chef collaborations

India’s culinary calendar has been chock-a-block with visiting chefs. Mexican restaurant Xico in Mumbai saw renowned chef and author Scott Linquist introduce a contemporary version of Mexican food. “Xico uses more than 30 different varieties of chilies and techniques such as nixtamal and mole that are not common in any other cuisines. Indians will find...


Fine dining meets entertainment

Now you can order delectable delights from celebrity chef Sarah Todd while watching movies at PVR Cinemas. The movie chain has tied up with the MasterChef Australia finalist, restaurateur and TV host for an in-cinema fine dining experience. The specially curated menu will hold an entire Mexican food section called the Taco Trucks with dishes...


Where are the plates?

The iPhone wielding diner has put additional burden on chefs to create dishes that not just taste great but also look breathtaking on the Internet. Hence food has found a new canvas. Crispies dangling from a washing line, dips in mini buckets, fries in fake fryer, burgers inside a mock telephone booth… because who wants...


Root-to-stem cooking

After nose-to-tail dining – the food philosophy, which set out to use all parts of the animal – it was perhaps inevitable that we’d get the vegetarian version. So say hello to root-to-stem. Already a craze amongst waste-conscious home cooks and tipped to be a major culinary trend in 2018, ‘root to stem’ cooking is...


Going regional

The dining scene continues to diversify as chefs and home cooks lead the charge in bringing authentic ethnic cuisines to the table. So while home cook and author Smita Deo is familarising Mumbaikars with authentic Karwar and Kolhapur food, Prabha Kini has been wowing foodies with her authentic Gaud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) meals. The latest...


Is that single?

Single malt, single vineyard…single origin coffee. Sourcing coffees from one location, whether a country, region or farm is a relatively new, but strong trend. “The beauty of this coffee is its traceability, the fact that you know exactly where your coffee is from, that it possesses characteristics of that specific area where the particular coffee...


Flea Bazaar Café by Riyaaz Amlani is a hit

This latest venture from Riyaaz Amlani brings 14 handpicked food brands rubbing shoulders in an impressive 7,000 sq-ft. space in Lower Parel. The ambiance is rustic with natural stonewalls, old static tables and seats, moveable pods and elevated tables. Coming to the food – there are signature mutton samosas, food platters and dreamy dum biryanis...


Alternative flours

The humble wheat flour is facing tough competition from jowar, bajra, nachni, quinoa, etc. These sturdy grains are fast becoming a favourite with chefs. And it’s easy to see why. “There is a certain aspirational value attached to grains like jowar, bajra, nachni, quinoa, etc. These grains are not just gluten free, they add a...

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