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a matter of taste

From Le Cirque to Megu to Spectra, Leela hotels have brought the best of fine-dine concepts to India. Rajiv Kaul, President, The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts, charts out their extraordinary culinary journey LE CIRQUE When you decided to bring Sirio Maccioni’s landmark New York restaurant Le Cirque, boasting an avant-garde bar, a personal chef’s...


My life on a plate- Gary Barlow

We all have a recipe that brings back childhood memories and one we’d like to pass on to the next generation. The Take That singer and BBC Let it Shine judge shares his. Interview: Rosanna Greenstreet, Portrait: Blair Getz Mezibov. One of the UK’s most accomplished and successful singer-songwriters, Gary is married to Dawn. They...


Appetite for Art

A stimulating combination of coffee, food and art, Nirupa Shankar’s Art Café in Bengaluru is designed to feed one’s creativity interview by shafquat ali photographs Selvaprakash Lakshmanan FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Art Café is a unique addition to the multiple venues at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway. How did you arrive at the...


On a roll!

With 175 outlets and counting, Amit Burman, Chairman, Lite Bite Foods, has changed the way we eat out interview by Shafquat Ali  photographs Vishal Koul ON LITE BITE FOODS With 175 outlets and counting, you have changed the way the common man eats out. People seem to love your brands. What makes you stay connected with...



Celeb chef and award-winning cookbook author Zarine Khan, along with her son, actor Zayed, and jewellery designer daughter, Farah, shares her gastronomic journey – and famous recipes. interview by Tayunaz Merchant photographs Anukul Narayan & Sneha Pillai Zarine you are well known in Mumbai society as a gracious and fabulous hostess. The food and hospitality...


Red Hot!

CHEF VIDITA KAMAT TURNS UP THE HEAT WITH ACTIVATED CHARCOAL photographs Devhuti H. Lakhey Just when we thought the latest trend in food was all about colours and rainbows, here comes a new shade to deepen the mood. From burgers to sandwiches to smoothies and shakes, you just cannot miss it. Black is everywhere now!...



In a candid interview, the First Family of Indian restaurant business – the Czar of Indian food Jiggs Kalra, his son Zorawar and daughter-in-law Dildeep – discuss how they have redefined the F&B industry interview by SHAFQUAT ALI & SOURISH BHATTACHARYYA photographs VISHAL Today, Massive Restaurants is the country’s number one restaurant chain operating as...


Relax and Rejuvenate

Given the frenetic pace of our lives, it is time to treat yourself to a day of revitalisation at the spa, followed by a nourishing meal packed with all the goodness your body needs. So get ready to unwind, energise and pamper yourself at some of the most luxurious spas across India. Here are our...


The face of MODERN INDIAN Cuisine

Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia on how he stirred the Indian food revolution by giving a contemporary twist to desi khana and putting it on the global food map interview by SHAFQUAT ALI In 2001, Zaika was awarded a Michelin star, making you the first Indian chef-restaurateur to receive this honour since the inception of the...


So it all started with riceless biryani

The word biryani does not come from the Persian word berenj, meaning rice. Instead ‘beryani’ comes from the word beryan, which means to roast, writes ANAIDA PARVANEH When I moved to Mumbai there were few food options outside the few five stars other than Indian and Chindian (my favourite Indianised Chinese deserving to be named...

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