As we approach the end of an exhilarating year, we’re shining a spotlight on trailblazers and tastemakers that inspire us.
Zealous and driven, Nirupa Shankar is a force to be reckoned with. On meeting her at Art Café in Bengaluru, I found myself captivated by her ideas for cultural collaboration. The second-generation entrepreneur and executive director of Brigade Group is brimming with original thoughts and isn’t afraid to bring them all to life. In our cover story, she chats about her latest venture, plans for the future and many enviable escapades.
Another mogul, Chef Daniel Humm, gives us a look into the world of a three Michelin-starred top chef as he finds inspiration in India’s vibrancy. At The Oberoi, Mumbai’s iconic Ziya, we rediscover Chef Vineet Bhatia’s ingenuity in a whole new way through a revamped regal menu. And if you’ve ever wondered where top chefs go for a reliably delicious meal, flip through this issue to find out!
The pioneering spirit continues as we review the success of the FABELLE FoodFood Awards Bengaluru (South) 2018 & Chocolate Summit, held at JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru in association with Marriott International and media partner BBC GoodFood India. The third in our esteemed series of regional awards, it honoured the top players in the food and hospitality industry across the south of India.
As the awards get bigger, so does our vision. With all that has transpired this year and the adventures that await us in the next, I can’t help but be wrapped up in the ardour of the festive season…and I hope you are too. Best wishes, all… see you on the other side!

Shafquat Ali
CEO & Editor-in-Chief

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