The iPhone wielding diner has put additional burden on chefs to create dishes that not just taste great but also look breathtaking on the Internet. Hence food has found a new canvas. Crispies dangling from a washing line, dips in mini buckets, fries in fake fryer, burgers inside a mock telephone booth… because who wants to serve food on plates? That’s so square. Unless the plates actually are square… Over-creative chefs and overreaching restaurateurs are turning their backs on the traditional plate in favour of far less conventional serving suggestions. The trend which cascaded from high-end restaurants, such as Masala Library in Mumbai (remember the amuse bouche on a mini cycle) has now percolated to gastropubs and restaurants across India.
And it’s not just plates that are being substituted for out of the box objects. The drinks-in-jam-jars trend is still going strong. Old fashioned whiskey is served in a glass skull while a truffle scented dark chocolate caramelised cauliflower soup finds itself in a tea cup at the gastropub London Taxi in Mumbai. So who wants to eat on boring white china plate when you can on a tree slice!

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